Mark Selby

Guitars & Gear

Many of you have asked about my instruments and gear, so here’s the scoop. Thanks for your interest, and happy pickin’ to all you players out there.


All of my guitars are expertly maintained and modified by Tony Nagy in Nashville, Tenn. He can give yours the same royal treatment. Call Tony at: 615.497.6225. All instruments are strung with D’Addario strings; always my favorites even before I had an endorsement deal… Acoustic guitars are set up with Fishman pickup systems, and run through an additional Fishman Platinum Pro-EQ live.

1974 MOSSMAN GREAT PLAINS acoustic (‘Moss’, my oldest musical pal — he could play my acoustic shows by himself… Much gratitude to the late, great, Stuart Mossman, and to Steve, the college buddy who sold Moss to me back in the day.)

1965 FENDER STRATOCASTER (‘Sonny’, found in a pawnshop in Lincoln, NE in 1990 after a Sluggers gig at the venerable Zoo Bar. After a refret and ‘resting’ for a few years, once again my main electric guitar.)

1960 GIBSON MELODY MAKER (‘Brownie’ gets his nickname from his ugly brown refin — done with shoe polish, I think. He’s an amazingly resonant instrument, my main open tuning slide guy. Tony Nagy installed the PAF humbuckers, and patches the old boy back together as needed. Brownie is featured in the ‘MORE STORMS’ artwork and a lot of my promo photos.)

1958 LES PAUL SPECIAL (‘Lester’, who a fine songwriter named David Lynn Jones brought by Lee Roy Parnell’s house while we were working on a tune. Poor ol’ Lester had had a tragic a rainbow refin (in the 70’s?) and looked liked something from the old Partridge Family TV show…Tony did a wondrous job restoring the TV Yellow finish, painstakingly matching it to several L.P. Specials from the 50’s with original finish.)

2001 SANTA CRUZ OMPW (‘Cruise’ , my main recording acoustic, found at the wonderful Cotton Music in Nashville)

90’s FENDER RELIC ‘NOCASTER’ [Telecaster] (‘Leo’ — a great workhorse of a guitar, as a good Tele should be.)

2002 GIBSON LES PAUL (‘Vinnie’ Presented to me after a show at the Gibson Lounge in Memphis…thanks Mickey Butler. Used extensively on the new Keni Thomas CD, “Flags of our Fathers, A Soldier’s Story.)

90’s DOBRO steel body, with Gibson P-90 pickup (‘Hubcap’ Pictured on the MORE STORMS COMIN’ disc; thanks again to the good folks at Gibson/Dobro)

50’s DANELECTRO/SILVERTONE U1 (‘Spaceman’, who I favor for open-G tuning. Bought one just like him about ten years ago after a gig in Birmingham, had buyer’s remorse and sold it the next day at a guitar show on the way back to Nashville for a ` 100% profit (!!!). Found ‘Spaceman’ a few years later — cost me a hundred bucks and sounds like a million.

90’s JERRY JONES BARITONE (‘Barry’ — A fab modern interpretation of the old Dano baritone, made right here in Twang-Town.)

1973 HERNANDIS CLASSICAL (‘Marty’ is named after my friend Martin Shapiro, my classical guitar instructor and mentor at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. Marty, if you read this, I’m still practicing my Bach and Vill-Lobos….)

1977 MOSSMAN GREAT PLAINS acoustic (‘New Mossy’ — After all these years, I’ve found another fine old Mossman, thanks to the good folks at Gruhn Guitars, the watchful eye of Big Al Anderson, and the encouragement of the lovely Tia. New Mossy is Indian Rosewood, while ol’ Moss is Brazilian — I’m assuming anyone reading this is a guitar geek like me…)

60’s EPIPHONE GRANADA (still awaiting a nick-name, but is featured on the track “Unforgiven” on ‘DIRT’, and in some recent promo photos. A real vibey guitar).

2001 GIBSON LES PAUL SPECIAL (‘Scrapper’ — when Tony Nagy was playing in my band AND running the repair department at the Gibson factory, he built this guitar for me from scrap and spare parts, so I’d have a spare for ‘Lester’ on the road.


1907 STEINWAY UPRIGHT PIANO (Pride & Joy of the Sillers/Selby household: wrote “Moon Over My Shoulder” from DIRT, and the Jo Dee Messina Christmas song, “A Joyful Noise” on this old guy.)

90’s EPIPHONE MANDOLIN (I’m getting better on the mando, so I’m shoppin’ for a cooler one…)

2003 MANDOLA (brand I can’t recall, it’s a larger, lower-tuned “manly” mando that I love to sneak into a track…)

60′ s FENDER MUSICMASTER BASS (on loan from my brother Monte — check him out at — I use this on the funky tracks I do in my home studio; thanks, bro.)


My amps are expertly maintained and modified by Kye Kennedy in Nashville — and he can fix yours up, too: Kye tunes the old Fenders to my liking, and puts a ‘British’ voicing on the ‘Normal’ channel for me — I highly recommend this mod.

1965 FENDER SUPER REVERB (beat to heck and sweet as sugar; found him in a TV repair shop in St. Joseph, Missouri many moons ago. Hubert Sumlin borrowed it a festival in Memphis a while back. We’ve fought some wars together…)

1967 FENDER SUPER REVERB (everyone should have at least two… My Dad built a beautiful oak cabinet for the head of this amp, so I could carry it as a spare — but now it’s too beautiful to leave the house…thanks, Dad.)

1965 FENDER DELUXE (what can I say, ’65 was a good year. I’ve cut a lot of tracks with this one.)

1968 FENDER BANDMASTER HEAD (These days I’m running it through a MesaBoogie wide-body 1X12 cab. Kye Kennedy modded the head so it can use 2, 4, or 8 ohm cabinets. I’m playing through this rig a lot lately.)

1966 FENDER PRINCETON (I sold this to Tia back when we were just friends, then married her to get it back she says I still owe her for it…))recent VOX something or other (it’s small, has an 8-inch speaker and sounds way cool — awesome in dressing-rooms and small studios.)

50’s ? SILVERTONE 2-12 combo (my first amp — a total blues machine — ,still have the cover my Grandma Foltz made for it back in Oklahoma; I’m saving my pennies to have Kye bring it back to life one of these days!)


The less the better, but I do like my old TS-9 TUBESCREAMER (sorry, Kye), and frequently add a second overdrive: these days I love the Barber Electronics DIRECTDRIVE — an awesome pedal for the money, and voiced differently than a ‘screamer. I like the Voodoo Labs SPARKLEDRIVE, too. I use the ubiquitous BOSS TUNER, and add a MAXON ANALOG DELAY, the big one, pricey but great, a UNIVIBE for the swirly stuff, and the little yellow DANELECTRO TREMELO as needed. I’ve used an (OLD) ELECTRO-HARMONIX MEMORY MAN echo a lot through the years, and love to use the amp tremelo on the old Fenders whenever I can, but I never use reverb. Pedals go on a PEDALTRAIN PEDALBOARD ( — nice folks, great board, highly recommended!)